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Tropical Topical Pineapple & Papaya Enzyme Peel

Ah, the misunderstood face peel. Have you avoided doing one for fear of burning or damaging your skin?   Does the term “peel” coupled with “face” make you want to run in the other direction? As with any new treatment you should always be cautious, but when done right, face peels can improve a number of skin issues, including acne, dullness and uneven skin tone and with amazing results.  If you’re new to face peels or looking for a quick and easy option to your current products or spa treatments, then you’ll definitely want to try this all-natural tropical fruit enzyme alternative. 

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Pampering With a Problem Solving Papaya Enzyme Mask

My favorite foods are ones that benefit the body inside and out, such as avocado, pomegranate, honey, olive and coconut oils to name a few.  Whether eaten or applied topically, you can use these "Skin Inside & Out" (we call them SIOs) foods to fight free radicals, inflammation and bacteria, hydrate, cleanse, purify, tone, slough dead skin cells, reduce fine lines, and infuse your body and skin with vital minerals and vitamins.  These foods go to battle for you on all fronts, and you can add papaya to your SIO arsenal.  

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