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The Art of the Bath Ritual

When I need to unwind, I draw a bath. When I'm feeling amorous, tired, relaxed, sore, or pensive, I also step into a bath. The act of taking bath is very primal for me.  Think of the environment we inhabited those first nine months before we were born. Then think about how we were lovingly bathed as children before we could safely stand upright and wash ourselves.  I don't know if there's science behind my infatuation, but my bath ritual is a time I cherish so I try to make it as luxurious as possible.  

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VIDEO: How To Seed A Pomegranate

I absolutely love pomegranates, but have you tried scooping out seeds with a spoon only to make a mess, release a few seeds at a time, and get a mouthful of the bitter pith? Frustrating, right?  This video will show you a simple method to removing the seeds and making a refreshing sparkling pear cocktail.

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Pampering With a Problem Solving Papaya Enzyme Mask

My favorite foods are ones that benefit the body inside and out, such as avocado, pomegranate, honey, olive and coconut oils to name a few.  Whether eaten or applied topically, you can use these "Skin Inside & Out" (we call them SIOs) foods to fight free radicals, inflammation and bacteria, hydrate, cleanse, purify, tone, slough dead skin cells, reduce fine lines, and infuse your body and skin with vital minerals and vitamins.  These foods go to battle for you on all fronts, and you can add papaya to your SIO arsenal.  

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