the signature ritual collection

sage smudge stick with rose and lavender

The art of beautiful, healthy rituals is the foundation for Good Living is Glam.

Our focus has always been to help you nourish your body inside and out, and now with the GLIG Signature Ritual Collection, founder Gina Jessica Smith shares how we cleanse our surroundings, energy and space, creating a truly holistic ritual philosophy. 


Our process

Each GLIG Signature Ritual Collection wand is made by hand and reiki'ed with positive affirmations, meditation and to the sound of balancing tingsha bells. So when you receive your ritual product, it has been handled deliberately with care.  

For web orders, we offer a complimentary service: if you share your intention for your wand (for example, needing to clear bad energy after a breakup or having a desire to reenergize after a period of feeling stuck), we will provide a personalized intention that you can use during your cleansing ritual.  


Sage Smudge Sticks Lavender Rose.jpg


Dried plants and herbs are very delicate.  That's why we package your products using recycled paper or fabric remnants, so we can limit waste, protect the environment and protect your purchase at the same time.  We do not use plastics for our packaging. 

Sage Smudge Sticks Lavender Rose.jpg

ideas for your ritual

Your rituals can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be.  We believe that energy clearing rituals are deeply personal and sacred, so we can only share with you what works for us. One of our favorite ways to use our wands is to share it with others when entertaining as a welcome gift and an offering of gratitude for joining us.  This allows us to pass along the gift of good energy to others. 

glig sage smudge sticks with lavender and rose