Why Rituals Are Key To Leading Exceptional Lives

My closest friends are sometimes amused by how "particular" I am, although I see that comment as a nice way of calling me difficult.  The truth is, I do like things a certain way.  For me, it's not just that you do something, it's how you do it – the process, the approach, the context. OK, I do sound a little difficult, however allow me to explain.    

I decided to explore my favorite rituals after observing patterns in my life on my Instagram feed.  I know it sounds strange, however I watched my habitual behavior play out in this gallery and became aware of certain actions. Obviously this is a part of my personality, but I also like how I feel when I'm making my juice every morning, piling my pillows (3 on each side) on my armoire each night, exercising at a specific time of the day, and saging my home (click here to see my quick tutorial on how to sage your home).  I feel peaceful and in control, and it's comforting amidst so much uncertainty to have these moments on which I can rely.  I suppose you could say that my rituals are like good friends.  Let's explore.

 A ritual is a ceremony or action performed in a customary way. It is a defined sequence of words and/or actions designed to focus attention, establish significance, and achieve a  result.

A Few Benefits of Rituals

  • Rituals provide a feeling of achievement, which is uplifting and motivating.
  • They strengthen our ability to commit.  Repeatedly doing an act despite your mood or circumstances improves your ability to accomplish tasks in other areas of life.  Keep working that commitment muscle – it's all about discipline!
  • Rituals give us the opportunity for much needed "me" time. For those who lead busy lives, carving out time to do a ritual act can be challenging, however there is even greater awareness and appreciation when the time you've set aside has come.  It doesn't have to be a selfish act done for yourself.  It can be for someone else, such as cooking for your family. 
  • Rituals provide a sense of certainty, stability and structure.  This makes them especially important when raising children. 
  • Sharing rituals with friends and family can strengthen relationships.
  • As your rituals change and evolve they provide you with perspective and self awareness.

Now go out there, enjoy your current rituals, maybe experiment with some new ones, and also throw in some spontaneous fun for variety.   I plan on revisiting this topic again, so stay tuned for a deeper look at rituals in the future. 

Feel free to share your favorite rituals!