DIY Skin Brightening Treatment

I've had family visiting from Oregon for the past week, which means I've been spending more time outdoors than indoors.  My broad brimmed hats, sunscreen and sun dodging sometimes are no match for those intense rays and when I feel it's taken a toll on my skin, I treat it biweekly to a wonderfully cooling and brightening organic face mask formulated with several ingredients sourced directly from my local farmer's market.  

Some key ingredients in my 25-minute Organic Brightening Mask are: 

Goat's Milk
Lemon Juice

I apply the mask generously to my face and décolletage then let dry for 25 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.  I moisturize immediately with Théo Pure Skin Collection Glowing Face Serum, resulting in a supple, dewy complexion. 

Note:  While sun protection from UV rays is a major component of my skincare regimen, it is important to get some sun in your life in order to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D in the body, avoid deficiencies of this essential nutrient and prevent associated health issues caused by low vitamin D levels.  Sun can be your friend in moderation, however when you get too cozy with it this mask is a wonderful way to heal and soothe your skin.