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Keeping Calm With Candlelight

Nothing makes me feel more centered and at ease than my many rituals–performed throughout the day, carried out in different locations and fulfilled to achieve specific purposes, some basic and others more complex. Some might say this makes life less "in-the-moment" and more structured and orchestrated, but you can still be spontaneous and carefree while enjoying the focus that rituals allow.  You might even have carried out one of my more routine and simple daily rituals: lighting and enjoying candlelight.    

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Why Rituals Are Key To Leading Exceptional Lives

My closest friends are sometimes amused by how "particular" I am, although I see that comment as a nice way of calling me difficult.  The truth is, I do like things a certain way.  For me, it's not just that you do something, it's how you do it – the process, the approach, the context. OK, I do sound a little difficult, however allow me to explain. 

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