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Inspired by Hamilton Beach: Holiday Cardamom, Rose & Oat Coffee

While everyone is going full steam ahead with holiday shopping, celebrating and entertaining, we’re here to help you create soothing, comforting rituals so you can enjoy the holidays even more. During this season, we try to make everything extra special, including our daily coffee. So be good to yourself, take a moment to slow things down a bit and prepare our aromatic Cardamom, Rose & Oat Coffee.

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Why Rituals Are Key To Leading Exceptional Lives

My closest friends are sometimes amused by how "particular" I am, although I see that comment as a nice way of calling me difficult.  The truth is, I do like things a certain way.  For me, it's not just that you do something, it's how you do it – the process, the approach, the context. OK, I do sound a little difficult, however allow me to explain. 

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