The Art of the Bath Ritual

When I need to unwind, I draw a bath. When I'm feeling amorous, tired, relaxed, sore, or pensive, I also step into a bath. The act of taking bath is very primal for me.  Think of the environment we inhabited those first nine months before we were born. Then think about how we were lovingly bathed as children before we could safely stand upright and wash ourselves.  I don't know if there's science behind my infatuation, but my bath ritual is a time I cherish so I try to make it as luxurious as possible. 

Some of my favorite bath recipes are lavender and chamomile essential oils with a bouquet of their dried counterparts for relaxation; lemongrass, ginger and thyme for an invigorating soak; or just a pure Dead Sea salt detoxifying treatment. Right now, however, the cooler temps have set it, so a super hydrating Coconut Milk & Rosewater Bath is the perfect antidote to dry skin.  

Rich in vitamins A and C, iron, calcium and natural proteins, coconut milk is wonderful for the skin whether it's ingested or applied topically.  Due to its soothing properties, coconut milk makes a great moisturizer for thirsty, dry skin.  Add the naturally hydrating and restorative properties of rose petals and essential rose oil (also high in vitamin C) to the mix and you have an effective treatment for maximum moisture, and the scent is intoxicating too!

Hydrating Coconut Milk & Rosewater Bath

1 cup pure coconut milk or organic coconut milk powder
1/2 cup pure rosewater
4 drops rose essential oil
1 cup fresh or dried rose petals (make sure fresh petals are clean)

In a bowl or measuring cup, blend together the coconut milk, rosewater and rose essential oil. Run a warm bath, and when it has reached your desired level, add the mixture.  Scatter a few rose petals on top, step into the bath, relax and soak for 15 minutes. 

Before I get into my bath, I set up everything I need. I always use a towel to rest my head on, turn off the lights and light candles.  Depending on my mood, I might listen to music, but usually I use this time to let my mind rest or wander.