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The Art of the Bath Ritual

When I need to unwind, I draw a bath. When I'm feeling amorous, tired, relaxed, sore, or pensive, I also step into a bath. The act of taking bath is very primal for me.  Think of the environment we inhabited those first nine months before we were born. Then think about how we were lovingly bathed as children before we could safely stand upright and wash ourselves.  I don't know if there's science behind my infatuation, but my bath ritual is a time I cherish so I try to make it as luxurious as possible.  

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Winter Tip #1: Luxurious Overnight Moisturizing Hand Therapy

It's cold.  Everyone is talking about the subpolar temps gripping regions across the US and the world at large. Since we cannot escape the bitter chill, we must prepare our skincare regimen for battle against the harmful effects of the drying cold and face freezing winds.  In eight hours, my hands went from dry and dull to shockingly smooth, supple and glowing after applying my quick and easy Overnight Hand Therapy recipe, which I recommend using all year long – not only during the deep freeze!

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Silky, Aromatic Coconut Milk For Body & Hair

Today is a well-deserved at-home spa day.  I've been traveling a little more than usual lately, and now my body is feeling the general effects of lugging my bags, walking through terminals and traversing through wonderful cities.  Simply put – I'm tired and in need of an invigorating, silky and aromatic treatment, the main ingredient of which is... pure coconut milk.      

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