Signature Collection: Sage, Palo Santo, Crystal & Abalone Shell

Signature Collection: Sage, Palo Santo, Crystal & Abalone Shell


Our signature smudge stick and palo santo bundle comes with a beautiful all natural abalone shell, perfect for safely holding your sage and palo santo during and after your ritual, and also perfect as a gift.  

Abalone shells represent harmony in relationships, family and motherhood, and the flow of emotions.

The sage and palo santo are reiki'ed with positive words, meditation and balancing tingsha bells. They are handcrafted using pure and sacred ingredients, and are delicately wrapped to protect your bundles.  

Floral sage smudge stick: 4 inches
Palo Santo bundle: 2 pieces
Abalone shell: 5-6 inches

Ingredients: California white sage, cedar, yerba santa, lavender blossoms, lavender leaves, rose petals, hemp cord, palo santo, selenite crystal

For Your Ritual: During checkout, please feel free to share your intention for your wand, so we can add a personal message you may wish to use during your cleansing ritual. 

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