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How To Make A Gentle Spring Detox Tea

Are you ready to embark on a spring detox? Do you want to try something different from the ubiquitous juice cleanse? The Vernal Equinox has taken place, reassuring us that the time of renewal, reawakening and vitality is here.  To help welcome the season associated with fresh beginnings, I wanted to share one of my go-to detoxifying teas rooted in the tradition of Ayurveda. 

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The Fine Art of Being Still

My dear friend Wendy and I always say, “In the presence of chaos, the best thing to do is be still.”  I try my best to live by this, however the concept of true stillness doesn’t only apply to those moments when life reaches a fevered pitch. For me, being still doesn’t need to be a spiritual or meditative experience.  I’m referring to the fine art of just blanking out, vegging; thinking of nothing or everything; not needing to be anywhere, be anyone or do anything.

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Why Rituals Are Key To Leading Exceptional Lives

My closest friends are sometimes amused by how "particular" I am, although I see that comment as a nice way of calling me difficult.  The truth is, I do like things a certain way.  For me, it's not just that you do something, it's how you do it – the process, the approach, the context. OK, I do sound a little difficult, however allow me to explain. 

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