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VIDEO: How To Use Durian For Skincare

It might look alien and have a strong odor (ok, strong is putting it mildly), but this prickly, surprisingly pleasant tasting, smelly fruit is actually so full health benefits it's worth trying it once to see if you like it. In this video we explore the health benefits of durian, how to cut it, and how to use it in your skincare regimen. Living in NYC, we have easy access to it in our Chinatown markets. So if you come across it at a local specialty market or along your travels, here's what you can do with it.

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RECIPES: 5 Fruit, Vegetable & Herbal Infusions To Perk Up Your H2O

GOOD LIVING IS GLAM FOR ECO DIVA BEAUTY–As we approach the warm weather season, it's more important than ever to make sure you're getting enough hydration (and no, coffee and tea don't count! Trust me, I've tried to make that justification before).  Drinking two liters of water a day is one of the single most important habits of people with ageless, glowing skin, but more importantly it's essential to maintaining a healthy body, a clear mind and proper metabolic function.  If you're anything like me, however, sometimes you just want something a bit more exciting than a plain glass of water.  Here's a solution: add a little zest to this skin essential ritual with five fruit, vegetable and herbal infused waters that will get you excited to hydrate simply because they look beautiful, taste refreshing and provide an added vitamin and nutrient boost.

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