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Traveling? Prepare a Room Service Facial

Do you dread post flight breakouts and dry skin?  Recirculated air in airplanes draws moisture from wherever possible, creating a moisture-free environment that can throw off our skin's balance.  Dry skin usually gets drier, and oily skin tends to get oilier to overcompensate for the conditions.  On a recent trip to Chicago, I followed these simple steps and they worked wonderfully.

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Luxurious Rice Water Soak For The Dry Hands of Autumn

We've all experienced it, especially in certain regions and climates.  One day it's summer and 95 degrees, and the next day you start the morning with a 50 degree chill in the air.  Usually, the first parts of my body to react to this drop in temperature are my hands and lips.  To combat dry, flaky skin on my hands and around my fingernails, I do a weekly soak with rose petals, sandalwood, essential oils and vitamin/mineral-rich rice water.

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