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Fig, Grape & Blueberry Preserves with Lavender & Ginger

Lushly sweet, fresh figs are culinary gold during their main season, which runs from later summer to early fall.   Their beautiful watermelon-pink inner flesh coupled with that unique chewy, crunchy texture inspired me to explore ways to enjoy figs throughout the year, and what better way than with a aromatic ginger and lavender infused fig preserve. 

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Fragrant Vegan Garlic Scapes Pesto

What is that tangle of green curlicued shoots?  Before the bulbs mature, garlic plants produce flower stems know as garlic scapes.  Farmers usually remove the scapes to direct the plants energy toward bigger bulbs, but rather than compost these cuttings, smart growers harvest the scapes while they are still young and tender so they can imbue chosen dishes with their sweet, mild garlic flavor.  

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