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Brightening Fresh Coconut & Turmeric Face Mask

If you consider yourself health obsessed, then you've probably explored the coconut craze in one of its many forms:  coconut water, coconut oil, or even the milk.  We know how hydrating the water is, how versatile the oil can be, and how delicious the milk is in some of your favorite dishes, but what really makes coconut a superfood?

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Silky, Aromatic Coconut Milk For Body & Hair

Today is a well-deserved at-home spa day.  I've been traveling a little more than usual lately, and now my body is feeling the general effects of lugging my bags, walking through terminals and traversing through wonderful cities.  Simply put – I'm tired and in need of an invigorating, silky and aromatic treatment, the main ingredient of which is... pure coconut milk.      

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