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Guacamole Royale

Warning:  Guacamole purists, look away!  Avert your eyes!  I know for many of you, daring to innovate the classic Mexican recipe is essentially a culinary crime.  In the past, I've also wrinkled my nose and looked on disapprovingly as friends attempted to serve me variations of this beloved avocado side dish, so I understand if you're concerned. I assure you this recipe is worth trying once for the sheer surprise of how beautifully the subtly sweet and crunchy pomegranate and nutty pistachio partner with the chunky, yet smooth avocado.   Besides, it's a visually fun and festive addition to your entertaining table that's certain to start an interesting foodie conversation.  

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Winter Tip #1: Luxurious Overnight Moisturizing Hand Therapy

It's cold.  Everyone is talking about the subpolar temps gripping regions across the US and the world at large. Since we cannot escape the bitter chill, we must prepare our skincare regimen for battle against the harmful effects of the drying cold and face freezing winds.  In eight hours, my hands went from dry and dull to shockingly smooth, supple and glowing after applying my quick and easy Overnight Hand Therapy recipe, which I recommend using all year long – not only during the deep freeze!

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Avocado For What Ails You, Inside & Out​

The weather has been divine in NYC this week, however I'm trying to stay a couple steps ahead of the forecast.  Knowing that it will get chilly and the temps will be taking a dive again soon, I'm prepping my skin with one of my favorite must-have dry skin weapons:  avocado.  Prepared three ways, I'm going to protect against free radicals and inflammation (inside), infuse my skin with a nutrient packed mask (face), and slough off dead skins cells while moisturizing with a delicate scrub (body). 

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