How To Get Rid of Negative Energy After The Holidays

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If you're the designated host for the holidays this year, then you're probably thinking about the menu, gifts, decorations, as well as the family and friends you'll be entertaining around your dinner table. It's a truly special time of year full of warmth, love and happiness. On the flip side, we all know the toll entertaining can take on the host once the dust settles and your guests bid you farewell.  That's why I always clear my space with a sage smudge stick after a holiday soiree, so I can restore the calm energy of my home. 

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Don't take this the wrong way. I LOVE entertaining family and friends, so I'm not saying that the energy left behind is necessarily negative. In fact whenever we have friends over, we feel elevated and happy to be surrounded by so much love. That being said, planning and executing a party, making sure everyone is happy mixed with the wave of energies that everyone brings into your home can be, well, a lot.  So to help you maintain the good vibes and restore balance back to your home, we've created this guide to smudging after entertaining for the holidays. 

First Things First, Clean Up & Tidy Your Space

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people try to clear the energy in a space that hasn't been physically cleaned first. Tidying up is the logical first step before you smudge your home, and it also puts you in the right frame of mind for your ritual. 

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Smudge with Purpose 

Before you start your energy clearing ritual, consider your intention.  It could be "from a place of gratitude I restore balance and calm in my home" or if there was any tension or a disagreement during the festivities you should tailor your intention to address the release of negativity and summon good vibes.  

Focus On High Traffic Areas

If you aren't up for purifying your entire home (for those of us living in small NYC apartments this doesn't apply), then focus your efforts on the main areas where your guests frequented, like the living room and doorways. Also consider areas with a high concentration of water and metal (such as a kitchen), as they act as conductors of energies.  Once you've determine where you want to sage, you can follow our simple guide on how to sage.  

Don't Forget to Clear Your Own Energy

Once you finish smudging your space, you're ready for the final and most important step: clearing your own energy. For this part of my self-care practice, I prefer to use palo santo, sacred wood from South America used for purification rituals. With notes of mint, lemon and pine, I find the woody scent pleasantly uplifting.  

Once I've cleared the energy in my home, I always feel calmer and more centered. After preparing for the holidays, entertaining, cleaning up and reorganizing, I find smudging is the perfect way to relax and find balance, which allows me to enjoy the wonderful craziness of the holidays even more. 

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