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GLIG In The Wilds of Woodstock For Vimmia X

When we decided to visit Woodstock for Labor Day weekend, we knew we had to do one thing while we were there: go hiking. After another summer immersed in the steamy concrete of Manhattan, the magnetic lure of rushing waterfalls, endless trees and the hypnotic soundtrack of crickets chirping was powerful. We couldn't resist. 

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Traveling? Prepare a Room Service Facial

Do you dread post flight breakouts and dry skin?  Recirculated air in airplanes draws moisture from wherever possible, creating a moisture-free environment that can throw off our skin's balance.  Dry skin usually gets drier, and oily skin tends to get oilier to overcompensate for the conditions.  On a recent trip to Chicago, I followed these simple steps and they worked wonderfully.

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