A New Moon Ritual To Manifest Change

Tonight is a new moon, a magical time of beginnings and an opportunity to recharge your current desires and goals or manifest new ones.  If you're interested in tapping into the special energy to symbolically welcome positive changes in your life, try this simple ritual and experience the power of conscious intention.  

Preparing For Your New Moon Ritual

  • The most important part of any ritual is being fully present and aware, so you're environment and state of mind are key.  Setting goals and planning your future require your full attention, so choose a peaceful environment with no distractions to keep you focused on your intention. 
  • Create a space/altar that contains symbolic items that are dear to you. 
  • Set aside at least 30 minutes to do the ritual and give yourself enough time to do it properly and at a calm pace. It's best not to squeeze it between appointments.  
  • Cleanse the area where you will perform your new moon ritual with sage/smudging or burning incense.  For a quick tutorial on how to sage, watch our video for tips. 
  • Light candles to create a peaceful and serene environment.  Flickering light is thought to help keep you focused, reduce stress and increase self awareness, which is why candlelight is often used in meditation. 
  • Center and calm yourself in a way that works for you.  That might mean taking deep cleansing breaths, listening to meditation music and/or sipping a cup of your favorite soothing herbal tea. 
  • In a notebook, or on a piece of paper, write the date, followed by your affirmation statement, such as "I am open and I am ready to accept these things into my life now to achieve my greatest potential and ultimate happiness." Then beneath this statement list all of your wishes and desires, both big and small.  It's important to include the smaller ones that are easier to achieve.  This will help you create a positive state of mind where you are accomplishing what you set out to do, setting the stage for the bigger goals.  

Remember to keep this list and recharge these goals at the next new moon, in addition to your new goals and desires.

Happy New Moon!