If you haven't caught blood orange fever yet, then what are you waiting for?  In addition to being amongst the most photogenic fruits of the season with their various crimson hues, this deliciously sweet citrus also offers even more health benefits than the everyday orange you're accustomed to.   

The Health Benefits

Like the rest of the citrus family, blood oranges are high in vitamin C making them a powerful immune boosting food.  They are also rich in potassium, carotenoids, dietary fiber and polyphenols. 

What sets them apart from their orange counterparts, however, are anthocyanins.  These powerful antioxidant pigments also found in blueberries, another superfood superstar, help reduce inflammation and prevent oxidative stress from free radicals. That means adding blood oranges to your diet can help your body counteract and detoxify harmful reactions taking place within your system. 

Sweeter and less bitter than your garden variety orange, blood oranges have a reddish-orange peel covering flesh that ranges in shades of red from bright to deep. Generally they are red throughout, but some have small red dots creating a unique two-tone stippled pattern.

So how can you incorporate blood oranges into your everyday diet? Just juice them! When in doubt (or when in a rush), you can always toss blood oranges in the juicer for a refreshing, sweet and tangy treat. I like to add a bit of grapefruit to the juice, but that's because I like it extra tart!  


3-4 oranges
1/4 cup rose water
1-2 tablespoon powdered gluten free sugar or stevia  (optional)
1 teaspoon cinnamon for light dusting


Slice off the top and bottom off each orange. Slice off the rind evenly, removing all of the pith, and then cut the orange into 1/4 inch rounds across the equator.  

Add half the rose water to the bottom of a wide bottomed glass container, then place the orange slices on top. Add the remaining rose water atop the slices, then cover the container and set aside at room temperature for 1 hour. 

Arrange the orange slices on a plate,  drizzling some of the remaining liquid atop.  If using powdered sugar and cinnamon, sprinkle a touch on top and serve.  

Want another blood orange recipe? You can also try the delicious Blood Orange Salad With Beets & Fennel Recipe pictured below that we shared on the Eco Diva Beauty blog. 

Get our Blood Orange Salad With Beets & Fennel recipe at the  Eco Diva Beauty Blog    

Get our Blood Orange Salad With Beets & Fennel recipe at the Eco Diva Beauty Blog