Shop: Whisper's Surfer Chic "Summer of Sea & Salt" Pop-Up

On a recent impromptu visit to the Dossier Outpost at South Street Seaport, my friend and I found ourselves mesmerized by sparkling jewelry dancing amidst branch upon branch of white fluttering ribbons. The dramatic discovery was Whisper Editions' whimsical yet luxurious pop-up shop (open until August 4th), which delivers handsomely on its "Summer of Sea & Salt" theme.  

Whisper Editions is an online shop that collaborates with an exclusive group of artists and designers to create exquisite limited edition works.  Each week, the site features a new creation from their roster of talented photographers, designers, apothecaries, jewelers, furniture makers and other remarkable artisans.  

Being a water sign,  I couldn't resist exploring every inch of this dreamy, oceanic inspired space, which is filled with precious pieces curated by President and Founder Judith Puckett-Rinella, formerly the photography director at T: The New York Times Style Magazine.  From handcrafted rings by Lina Noel to Clark Little's stunning wave print, each item is surrounded by a variety of striking natural textures: white stone hand-picked from the beach, weathered branches and seashells.  Even the warm, natural scent is custom-made for Whisper by Something Wicked, elevating the sensory experience. 

There are so many gems, but here are just a few of my favorites:

1.  Dunlevy Street + Starling Prints, Jennilee Margomen.  
2.  Petite Shark Tooth Mexican Tassel Necklace, Dezso by Sara Beltran Sara.  
3.  Hana Hou Wave Print, Clark Little. 
4.  Acrylic Happy Clutch, Edie Parker.
5.  Arches Ring, Lina Noel. 
6.  Secrets, Kaui, Adrian Gaut.
7.  Infinity Bangle, Chorthip.

Whisper is the perfect place to treat yourself or a friend to gift that only a select few will own. There was something special about picking out my Lina Noel Arches ring, only to find the number of the edition (only 100 were produced for Whisper) etched into the ring.  Stop by, take a look, have a chat with the delightful, and start enjoying your Summer of Sea & Salt. 

SEE/CHANGE South Street Seaport
Dossier Outpost
New York, NY 10038