Behold the Power of a Talisman

Do you have a lucky necklace or pendant?  A beautiful feather you discovered in your path and now consider an auspicious and charmed piece?  If so, you're probably already tapping into the power of a talisman, and aren't even aware of it.  If not, here's a quick guide to charging a talisman to help you manifest your desires. 

Visualizing your goals and manifesting your intensions can be challenging at times.  A talisman alone won't make your dreams come true, however with the help of a chosen object you can focus and create a positive, fertile environment; a clear path that motivates and empowers you to achieve your aim.  

Using a talisman isn't only reserved for tackling monumental life goals, it can be for something as simple as just taking time out to calm down, focus your thoughts or improve your mood.  In fact, this can be more valuable because with regular use of a talisman comes a more consistent sense of control over desires and outcomes through mindful contemplation.  

Derived from the Greek word telesma, which means to fulfill, accomplish, consummate and complete, a talisman is essentially any charged object that produces a desired result.  So once you've selected your favored object, it is recommended that you concentrate on your wish or desire for a few moments throughout the day while holding your item, thereby charging it and creating a talisman.  

Here are my simple steps:

  • Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed.
  • Establish a clear intention and focus on the purpose of your wish and your desired result.  For example, a clear intention would be to feel at peace, create prosperity or attract more positivity from people in your life.  
  • While holding the talisman in your dominant hand, breathe calmly and deeply, emptying your mind of negative thoughts.  As you clear your mind, slowly start to focus on your intention.  
  • As your intention starts to take shape in your mind, and as you start to visualize it, begin repeating a mantra or declaration aloud that brings your desire into sharp focus, such as "I will be calm and focused for this presentation."  Things to consider:  What does calm and focused look like or feel like?  Do you see yourself smiling while giving the presentation?  Are the words flowing naturally while you're speaking to your audience?  Do you feel at ease?  Do you feel connected to the group?  Do you feel confident that you know the material?  Note:  if you aren't in a private place, you can repeat your mantra silently to yourself.  
  • Repeat your intention for as long as you feel is appropriate then cup the talisman in both hands to seal your intention.  
  • Now that your talisman has been set, you can hold or rub the piece at any time to tap into the power of intention.  

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