VIDEO: How To Seed A Pomegranate

I absolutely love pomegranates, but have you tried scooping out seeds with a spoon only to make a mess, release a few seeds at a time, and get a mouthful of the bitter pith? Frustrating, right?  This video will show you a simple method to removing the seeds and making a refreshing sparkling pear cocktail.

What You'll Need:
paring knife
wooden spoon
large mixing bowl

champagne flute
sparkling pear (or apple) cider

1.  Slice the pomegranate half across the equator with the paring knife, and score sections in between the seeds along the white membrane.

2.  Hold the pomegranate half over the mixing bowl (seed side down) and whack it, section by section, releasing the seeds. 

3.  If pieces of pith are released, remove them from the bowl. 

4.  Spoon a teaspoon of seeds into a champagne flute, and pour the pear cider over them.