Holiday Tip: Delicious Detox With Cleansing Calendula Tea


Every year I vow to attend fewer holiday parties to avoid overindulging in decadent hors d' oeuvres and free flowing flutes of champagne.  However, every year I go back on this resolution, give in to my inner party girl and make the rounds of the festive celebration circuit.  My life is built around varying degrees of moderation, so I'm always vigilant about watching what I put into my body. This year, I've added something new to my arsenal of good health and maintenance that is particularly beneficial during the holidays: Calendula tea. 

Drinking Calendula tea regularly can aid in protecting and detoxifying the gallbladder and liver...

Native to Southern Europe along the Mediterranean and used for medicinal purposes since the 12th century, Calendula is a versatile plant loaded with healing properties.  The plant produces flowers that are golden yellow to vibrant orange in color, and the petals are used to make herbal teas used for medicinal purposes. 

Calendula is packed with flavanoids and cartenoids, plant-based antioxidants that protect cells from being damaged by free radicals.  It is rich in phytochemicals including lycopene,  as well as nutrients such as calcium, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C and vitamin E.  Drinking Calendula tea regularly can aid in protecting and detoxifying the gallbladder and liver, so in addition to drinking with moderation, I've incorporated Calendula tea into my daily routine.

In addition to drinking the mildly sweet tea pure (leaves steeped in water with nothing else added), I've also started making a handmade apple juice and calendula tea blend, resulting in a moderate, gentle liver cleanse.  The recipe is simple:

Fresh Green Apple & Calendula JuiceTea Blend

1 cup fresh green apple juice (not store bought)
4 cups freshly brewed Calendula tea
optional: pinch of cinnamon

Prepare tea and let steep for 15 minutes.  Remove petals and let cool.  When ready to make the blend,  juice 5-6 apples (quantity varies based on the size), producing one cup of juice.  Add juice to the tea, mix and enjoy.  Can be refrigerated up to 1 day. 

Note:  Calendula is a main ingredient in several of our Théo Pure Skin Collection products for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.  When applied to dry, damaged or mature skin, its natural restorative properties can infuse skin with a dewy glow, as well as aid with hydration and firmness. For this, and many other reasons, it is one of my favorite oils.