Traveling? Prepare a Room Service Facial


Do you dread post flight breakouts and dry skin?  Recirculated air in airplanes draws moisture from wherever possible, creating a moisture-free environment that can throw off our skin's balance.  Dry skin usually gets drier, and oily skin tends to get oilier to overcompensate for the conditions.  On a recent trip to Chicago, I followed these simple steps and they worked wonderfully.

1.  Drink water, and then drink some more.  Staying hydrated is important for the health of your skin in general, and even more important for the health of your body's cells when flying.  I am constantly being reminded (and have to remind myself on occasion) to follow my own advice. 

2.  Pre-flight Facial.  Three days before traveling, I had a deep, all-natural facial treatment.  I believe in prevention, so while some may recommend doing a facial after the flight, I prefer to reset my skin and make sure it's in the best condition possible to brave the harsh conditions on board.  Remember, cabin air can make skin conditions worse, so flying with healthier skin means less damage after the fact.   

3.  Apply a serum / oil and sunscreen.   This step is all about moisture retention and protection.  Because you're closer to the sun, your skin's exposure to harmful rays can be magnified. 

4.  Room Service Facial.  When I arrived at the W Hotel in Chicago, I didn't have time to unpack, so while I was checking in I asked to have room service deliver pure honey, lemon and oats.  While the quality of the ingredients weren't what I'd ordinarily use (like manuka honey and finely ground organic oats), I was happy to make and apply this quick mask to restore moisture and exfoliate dead skin cells from the flight.  First, I draped a warm washcloth over my face to relax and open pores. My skin was in great condition so I just added a couple of drops of fresh lemon to the mixture to refresh and cleanse, however if your skin is dry or sensitive, omit it. I added the remaining lemon and honey to a lovely cup of peppermint tea, which I enjoyed for 15 minutes while the mask replenished my skin. 

Feel free to share any of your travel tips for great skin, hair and health!