How To Sage

Our step-by-step guide to getting started with your sage smudge stick. 

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step 1

Prepare your ritual space with a heat proof bowl or abalone shell to hold your smudge stick. Think of your intention that you will repeat throughout your ritual.  

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step 2

Light a candle or long match to ensure you have a continuous flame.

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Step 3

With the candle or long match, light the entire tip of the smudge stick evenly.

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Step 4

Let the flame go for a few seconds.

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Step 5

The flame should die down slowly, however if it does not, blow out the flame to let the plume of smoke activate in the air

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Step 6

While you take your smudge stick to each corner of your home repeating your intention, hold the stick over the bowl to catch any ashes as the smoke releases into the air. You can also sage your body, keeping the smudge stick a safe distance from your body.